Terms & Conditions


  1. Only Australian residents aged 18 or over are eligible to enrol in LivingLite support program (the “Program”).

  2. The Program is sponsored by iNova Pharmaceuticals (Australia) Pty Ltd (ABN 13 617 871 539) (“iNova”) and managed and administered by Zuse Pty Ltd (ABN 54 208 914 155) (“Zuse”).

  3. Zuse will collect, use, store and/or disclose personal information that it obtains in connection with your enrolment and participation in the Program, in accordance with the Privacy Policy.

  4. Involvement in the Program is designed to complement and support the instructions of your healthcare professional.

  5. The program consists of a number of different components (further detail on each is outlined in section 7 below). The exact services you are eligible to receive will be based on your individual needs.

  6. The duration of your enrolment in the Program will be dependent upon the services of the program you are eligible for and elect to participate in.


  1. The program consists of the following services:

    1. Learning modules (For people who have been enrolled by their healthcare professionals only). You will receive access to a 12 week educational program (consisting of 8 learning modules delivered either electronically or by your nominating healthcare professional) to provide you with information, tools and support during your weight management journey.

    2. General Health and Weight Management Information and Support Services - consists of email and SMS support services. You may receive regular communications (via email and/or SMS) covering a range of educational topics and reminders at various time points to ask you how you are finding the Program. You may also be required to confirm at certain time points whether you are on a prescribed iNova medication for weight loss.

    3. Reminder Services - consists of SMS and/or email reminder services regarding visiting your healthcare professional for more advice or support throughout your weight management journey.

    4. Program Website - you will be provided access to the website located at www.livingliteprogram.com.au. The website provides a comprehensive range of online support services including healthy lifestyle management tips and support tools.

    5. Phone Support - A phone-based nurse support service available to eligible patients prescribed an iNova medication for weight loss.

    6. Clinic Page (Healthcare Professionals Only) - Displays information on patients enrolled to 12 week clinic where applicable.


  1. Enrolment in the Program is completed online either by you or your healthcare professional.

  2. You may withdraw from the Program at any time, by contacting Zuse by:

    1. email at support@livingliteprogram.com.au with a request to withdraw; or

    2. calling 1800 735 311

    will comply with your request as soon as practicable.


  1. iNova reserves the right to cease funding and/or terminate the Program without notice at any time.


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